Industrial Coating and Lining Applications

for Industrial and Commercial Businesses

High Performance Industrial Coatings, Linings, and Repair Compounds

At Bowers Industrial, we offer more than just industrial coating applications. We provide over 80 years of experience, detailed knowledge of each product, and advice for using industrial coatings and linings in niche markets. We have served businesses in every industry and developed an expert customer service team. We guarantee that you will always receive superior products at competitive prices.

Browse our selection of industrial coatings and linings here, and don’t hesitate to give us a call at 801-977-0508 to learn more.

Industrial Concrete Coatings

Industrial Concrete Coatings

We offer a large selection of industrial concrete coatings that include epoxy coatings, floor coatings, non slip floor coatings and more!
Steel Tank Coatings

Steel Coatings

We carry a variety of steel coatings for all steel applications! Our products include heat resistant, wet surface, roof, pipe, and tank coatings.
Concrete Repair Products

Concrete Repair Products

Our concrete repair products can be used in a variety of industries to protect against chemicals, abrasion, and much more!
Chemical Resistant Sealant

Concrete Sealers and Caulking

Our large variety of concrete sealers and caulking will stop unwanted substances from breaking the surface; perfect for any industry!

About Bowers Industrial

30+ years of industrial coating application experience involving facility, maintenance, and engineering personnel.

Bowers Industrial takes pride in the durability and longevity of the chemical and corrosion resistant coatings that we provide and will work to ensure satisfaction. The staff at Bowers Industrial has the dedication, knowledge, and experience to help you find the products you need for any industrial business.

Industries We Work With

Bowers provides industrial coatings and linings for all industries, but after 30+ years of operation, we have developed a few areas of expertise. Most of our recurring clients are from the mining, power, chemical, water/wastewater, military, or food and beverage industries. Give us a call at 801-977-0508 to learn more about what products we have to offer.

large mining truck


We have rugged industrial coatings and linings to protect all mining equipment.
power plant


We offer coating solutions for solar, hydroelectric, coal, and all other power plant operations.
Pipes in a chemical plant


Our chemical resistant coatings and concrete can withstand chemical concentrates up to 98%.
water resistance


Our wet surface coatings, manhole linings, and pipe coatings are heavy-duty and easy to apply.
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