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Chemical Resistant Concrete Coatings

Water and product contamination, stains and damage are major problems in facilities that handle highly reactive chemicals and acids. You can prevent these issues from disrupting daily operations, impacting efficiency and affecting your bottom line by reinforcing concrete floors and surfaces with a coat of chemical-resistant concrete.

Added Protection for Concrete

Concrete is durable, but it will still be susceptible to damage if it comes into frequent contact with acids or a cocktail of other volatile substances. Nature can also take a toll. The freeze/thaw cycle, coupled with de-icing salts, can cause the concrete surface to scale off. Left unchecked, salt-frost scaling speeds up the exposure and corrosion of steel reinforcement bars.

Chemical-resistant concrete can help to slow surface scaling. It can withstand degradation at various concentrations of sulfuric acid ranging from 5 to 98%, increasing concrete strength to reduce damage from heavy equipment.

No Compromises Necessary — Not Even for Aesthetics

Most of our products are geopolymer-cement blends that can be easily applied and colored. This is a useful feature in manufacturing facilities that use color-coding to map out floor partitions and pathways instead of putting up fences and walls.

Ideal for Diverse Industries

Bowers Industrial Coatings & Linings offers chemical-resistant concrete from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. These products may apply to a wide range of industrial and commercial facilities, from food and beverage to offshore oil.

Brands You Can Trust Under One Roof

We are a recognized dealer of Duromar, but we also carry other high-performance chemical resistant concrete brands, including Prime-Crete. Our specialists in cement enhancement and repair products can advise you on the best uses for each type of chemical-resistant concrete in our inventory.

To learn more about which chemical resistant concrete is right for your business, call us at 801-977-0508.