Industries We Work With
Coating Products for Industrial and Commercial Businesses

Areas of Expertise

Bowers Industrial treats every project as a learning opportunity. Over the past 30 years we have learned the specific industrial coating needs for the military, food & beverage, mining, power, chemical, and water industries. We use your feedback to provide a product selection with the most relevant, high-quality, and effective industrial coatings for your industry. Although the industries below are our areas of expertise, we offer coating solutions for every application.


The power industry includes hydroelectric, coal, solar, and wind. An industry this diverse needs a wide selection of industrial coatings to match. Each plant’s needs are unique, but one of the most commonly requested coating solutions for this industry is heat resistance. Our high-temperature coatings and linings protect against temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Protect your power company from corrosion and heat damage, view our heat resistant coatings.


The mining industry requires extremely durable and rugged equipment. Underground pipes and machines are quickly worn down and often difficult to repair. Our abrasion resistant coatings can prolong the life of mining equipment and processing areas. We also offer industrial pipe coatings and corrosion resistant adhesives that can be used underground, underwater, or in other extreme conditions.


Companies that produce or frequently use dangerous chemicals need coatings and linings that protect against spills and corrosion. Every operation uses different chemicals at specific concentrations, and we have the perfect industrial coating for each one. View our chemical resistant caulk, chemical resistant concrete, and secondary containment coatings.

Water & Wastewater

Surfaces under constant stress from water can be difficult to maintain. Water and wastewater industries often require heavy-duty wet surface coatings, manhole linings, and industrial pipe coatings. To help eliminate constant upkeep of these surfaces, all of our industrial coatings are easy to apply, heavy-duty, and chemical resistant.

Food & Beverage

The most important factors for industrial coatings in the food and beverage industry are safety, durability, and compliance with sanitation standards. Production and preparation areas need to withstand rigorous cleaning and use. Our commercial non-slip flooring is popular for warehouses and factories, and our light grip coatings come in multiple color and texture variations, providing both practicality and aesthetic for your business. All of our coatings comply with industry standards and are USDA approved.


Bowers is proud of our continued efforts to help improve the surface properties for the US military. This industry operates a diverse selection of machinery, surfaces, and equipment. For metal surfaces, we offer steel coatings with impressive capabilities including heat, water, and corrosion resistance. We also carry concrete patching products to keep surfaces looking new under constant use.