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Thurmalox 218 Primer/219 Topcoat Coating Under Insulation (CUI) System

Wet/Dry Thermal Cycling to 450 F Apply Directly to Hot Steel

Thurmalox 218 Primer/219 Topcoat System are VOC compliant, high build, modified silicone coating formulated for the protection of metal surfaces under insulation exposed to temperatures from ambient to 450 F (232 C). This industrial pipe coating system is specifically formulated to be applied directly to hot steel having a metal temperature of up to 450 F (232 C) during application. Thurmalox 218/219 performs exceptionally in continuous immersion of hot and/or boiling water. It has excellent resistance to continuous and/or rapid wet-dry-wet thermal cycling to 450 F (232 C). Thurmalox 218/219 are durable, industrial pipe coatings able to withstand severe thermal shock as well as excellent chemical resistance.

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