Bowers Industrial

ELASTUFF 160 - 100% Solids Fluid Applied Elastomeric Polyurethane Coating System

A seamless, fluid-applied 100% polyurethane elastomer membrane system designed for application over concrete and/or steel surfaces. The coating system shall be a 1:1 ratio (A:B), fast set, 2-component hydrophobic polyurethane elastomer, containing no silica fillers or extenders. It shall have been tested and approved by an independent testing laboratory and shown to comply with Department of Health Services (DOHS) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Standards for leachates the Purgeable Priority Pollutant Analysis. Approved system shall be UNITED COATINGS’ ELASTUFF 160 Concrete or Steel Coating System consisting of UNITED CLEANING CONCENTRATE (UCC), UNI-CRETE, UNI-TILE SEALER, UC-30 JOINT FABRIC and ELASTUFF 160 100% solids polyurethane elastomer.

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