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Denso Covercoat™ System

Bowers Industrial’s Premier Corrosion Protection Encasement System For Steel Structures

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Denso Covercoat™ System:
Superior Corrosion Prevention For Steel & Concrete Structures

The Denso Covercoat™ System is designed to provide unparalleled corrosion protection for steel and concrete structures, ensuring long-lasting durability. This advanced coating solution withstands severe environmental conditions, reducing maintenance costs, and therefore extending the lifespan of infrastructure. It’s an ideal option for bridges, marine applications, and industrial facilities. The Covercoat™ System is a testament to our commitment to superior protective solutions. At Bowers Industrial, we offer this protective system to guarantee long-lasting protection in different environments. With more than 80 years of experience, we have served businesses in every industry and developed an excellent customer service team, making us leaders in industrial coating applications.
Denso Covercoat System

How The Denso Covercoat System Works

The Denso Covercoat System is designed to provide corrosion prevention for steel & concrete columns, support legs, structural steel and more. Covercoat offers a hard-wearing waterproofing protective coating that is easy to apply with minimal surface preparation required for long-lasting corrosion protection.

Our Clients' Testimonials

Bowers Industrial’s Corrosion Protection Encasement System With 5-Star Rated Reviews

I’ve been incredibly impressed with Bowers Industrial and their Denso Covercoat™ System. This system is amazing as it keeps our equipment in top condition regardless of the environment. Besides, Bowers Industrial’s expertise truly shows as soon as you contact them, as they were very helpful with us and solved any questions we had. Michael G. ★★★★★
Denso Covercoat System
Bowers Industrial has been our go-to for protective coatings, and their Denso Covercoat™ System is a game-changer. It offers exceptional durability and has significantly extended the lifespan of our machinery, helping us keep on track regardless of the obstacles. I highly recommend them to anyone needing reliable and long-lasting industrial coatings.
Denso Covercoat SystemAndrea P. | ★★★★★
We’ve had an outstanding experience with Bowers Industrial and their Denso Covercoat™ System. The coating’s performance in harsh environments is simply unmatched as it offers long-lasting protection that we can rely on. They also have an amazing team that made us feel safe during the project, so we highly recommend them!
Denso Covercoat SystemKristen S. | ★★★★★

Discover The Diverse Applications Of Denso Covercoat™ System

Our Versatile Corrosion Protection Encasement System Is Ideal For A Wide Range Of Applications, Including

Denso Covercoat System

Steel Columns

Denso Covercoat System

Concrete Columns

Denso Covercoat System

Support Legs

Denso Covercoat System

Structural Steel

Denso Covercoat System

Chamber Wall Interfaces

Denso Covercoat System

Exposed Service Pipes & More

Technical Data Sheet
Products Used In System

  • Denso Hi-Tack Primer

    A high-performance primer that ensures strong adhesion and protection. This primer sets the foundation for the Covercoat™ System, preparing surfaces for subsequent layers, and enhancing durability. Denso Covercoat SystemDATASHEET
  • Denso Hi-Tack Tape

    Our Hi-Tack Tape offers excellent sealing capabilities, crucial for effective corrosion protection. It is specifically engineered to bond with the primer, forming a robust barrier against contaminants. Denso Covercoat SystemDATASHEET
  • Denso Basecoat Kit

    The Basecoat Kit provides a thick, protective layer, crucial for defending against harsh conditions. It enhances the structural integrity of the coating system, ensuring long-term performance. Denso Covercoat SystemDATASHEET
  • Denso Profiling Mastic

    The mastic is an excellent choice for irregular shapes and surfaces as it ensures a smooth, uniform application. It creates a seamless barrier that prevents corrosion. Denso Covercoat SystemDATASHEET
  • Denso D14 Scrim

    D14 Scrim reinforces the entire system, adding an extra layer of strength. This component is crucial for resisting physical and environmental stress. Denso Covercoat SystemDATASHEET
  • Archco 15

    Archco 15 enhances the system’s resistance to chemicals, providing an additional layer of security for structures in chemically aggressive environments. Denso Covercoat SystemDATASHEET

Industries We Serve

Denso Covercoat System


Our solutions safeguard assets in the chemical industry, where exposure to harsh substances is common. We offer protective systems that can resist aggressive chemicals, reducing corrosion and enhancing safety.
Denso Covercoat System

Food & beverage

Our coatings ensure cleanliness and resistance to mild acids and bases, crucial for maintaining hygiene and preventing contamination, especially in the food and beverage industry.
Denso Covercoat System


We equip the military with robust coating solutions that endure extreme conditions, from saltwater exposure to abrasive environments. This way, we ensure the longevity and readiness of military assets.
Denso Covercoat System


Our products protect mining equipment from the abrasive conditions typical in mining environments, enhancing durability and reducing downtime. We offer safe solutions that don’t compromise assets in the mining industry.
Denso Covercoat System


For the power industry, we offer coatings that withstand high temperatures and corrosive byproducts, ensuring the protection and efficiency of power generation facilities.
Denso Covercoat System

Water & Wastewater

Our coatings resist moisture and chemicals, crucial for maintaining the integrity of water containment and processing facilities, especially in water and wastewater treatment.

Areas We Serve

FAQ's About The Denso Covercoat™ System

Denso Covercoat™ System is a protective coating system designed to prevent corrosion on steel and concrete surfaces. It offers a hard-wearing waterproofing protective coating that provides long-lasting corrosion protection.
The Denso Covercoat™ System can be applied to a variety of surfaces including steel and concrete columns, support legs, structural steel, and more.
The Denso Covercoat™ System is designed to be easy to apply with minimal surface preparation required. It provides a seamless application process for efficient corrosion protection.
The Denso Covercoat™ System offers superior corrosion prevention, waterproofing, and durability. It provides long-lasting protection for structures exposed to harsh environments.
The Denso Covercoat™ System provides long-lasting corrosion protection, but the exact duration can vary depending on factors such as environmental conditions and application technique.
Yes, the Denso Covercoat™ System is suitable for various industrial applications including chemical, food and beverage, mining, power, and water and wastewater industries.
Yes, The Denso Covercoat™ System can be customized to meet specific project requirements, including color preferences and application methods.
The Denso Covercoat™ System is designed to meet environmental regulations and standards. It is formulated to minimize environmental impact while providing effective corrosion protection.