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Secondary containment coatings

Secondary containment coatings
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Secondary containment coatings

What are secondary containment coatings? The purpose of these coatings is to protect your infrastructure against damage from chemical spills and abrasion. Many industrial processes require dangerous chemicals. These can cause great damage to both people and things if an accident happens. Apply these coatings to the surfaces that need to maintain their integrity when they come in contact with acids, solvents, and other chemicals. 

Bowers Industrial carries Duromar brand secondary containment coatings as an exclusive partner, and we also carry products from other trusted manufacturers like Marseal and Polycrete. 

Here are just a few of the products we offer in this category.

Duromar HPL-2221

This is an epoxy coating that provides outstanding abrasion resistance. You can use it on rail cars, slurry tanks, and other places where abrasion and impact resistance are an ongoing need. 

Duromar 4301 HPL

Duromar 4301 HPL is a novolac floor coating that can be applied by brush, roller, or spray system. It offers a high level of resistance against corrosion damage by acids, bases, and solvents. Intended for use in secondary containment areas.

MARSEAL 7000 Corrosion Resistant Lining

Marseal 7000 is a 50-mil, specially-blended ethylene propylene membrane. Its intended use is for protection against chlorinated solvents and acids. It provides required protection against EDC, TCE, and MEK, and comes in 5’ x 50’ rolls (250 square feet total).

MARSEAL 8000 Corrosion Resistant Lining

Marseal 8000 is a 65-mil ethylene propylene membrane. Like its partner product Marseal 7000, Marseal 8000 is for protection against chlorinated acids and solvents. It comes in rolls of 38 inches x 50 feet, or 158.3 square feet total, and has a rubberized adhesive backing for use on concrete surfaces.

PC-555 Novolac Coating

PC-555 Novolac is an air-cured protective coating which comes as an epoxy. Made by Poly Crete, this is an incredibly versatile product. PC-555 buffs protection against chemical, thermal, and abrasion damage. It can be applied as a finish coat to steel, concrete, or polymer surfaces with equal efficacy, and offers exceptional solvent resistance compared to other air-cured systems. PC-555 protects against damage by 98% sulfuric acid solutions, and 37% hydrochloric acid.

PC-1500 Novolac Resin

This Poly Crete product is a two-component epoxy meant for the protection and restoration of concrete in environments that endure high levels of chemical corrosion by way of salts, solvents, and acids.

Custom solutions are also available

Bowers carries secondary containment coatings as just one of many types of products that run the gamut of functionality. If we don’t carry the right product for your unique situation, we can engineer custom solutions to meet our clients’ needs. With partners across industrial sectors, you can be confident that Bowers Industrial knows how to get the job done.

We understand chemical engineering

Your industry manages a high collective volume of caustic or otherwise dangerous chemicals every day, and many industries require them to produce the products their customers want. You want to know that your employees are safe, and that your facilities will continue to provide value long after you have made your investment in them. Bowers understands what large businesses need for their operations.

Get in touch with Bowers Industrial today through our contact page, or give us a call toll free at 1 (800) 892-5224.

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