JOINTFILL 302 Flexible Control Joint Filler

Basic Use: Jointfill 302 is a two-component epoxy joint filler designed to be used in control and construction joints in concrete industrial floors. Jointfill 302 is a low modulus, flexible joint filler used in saw cut floor joints to provide support and load-bearing capacity at the joint edges. Jointfill 302 is used in floor control joints where slight movement is possible due to thermal variations. It is available in two consistencies, self-leveling and gel, for horizontal and vertical applications.

Typical Applications: Control and construction joints in industrial concrete floors; repair compound to seal and fill random cracking in floors; joints in penitentiaries where a tamper-proof and gouge-resistant sealant is required.

Limitations: Do not use outside or as an expansion/ contraction sealant. New concrete slabs must be at least 3 months old before installing Jointfill 302, according to ACI 302.

Composition: Jointfill 302 is a two-component, moisture insensitive, 100% solids epoxy joint filler and sealant.

Applicable Standards: ACI 302, Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction, Section 4.10, Joint Materials.

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  • Protects joint edges from spalling due to impact from heavy loads and steel wheel traffic.
  • Low modulus formulation accommodates floor slab movement due to thermal variations.
  • Consists of 100% solids epoxy to allow total compliance with VOC regulations.
  • Rapid cure time drastically reduces operational downtime and allows for exposure to traffic in less than 24 hours.
  • Contains no volatile solvents permitting interior application with no fire risk or toxic odors.
  • Self-leveling consistency may be used to repair random cracking in concrete floor slabs due to long-term drying shrinkage.
  • Gel consistency permits use as a gouge-resistant and tamper-proof joint sealant.
  • Long pot life formulation is available for use when temperatures are above 80 F (27 C).
Color/AppearanceJointfill 302 is available in medium gray and light reflective.
Hardness (ASTM D 2240)Shore D 50
Elongation15 percentage
Mixing Ratio1 to 1 by volume
Cure TimeOvernight
Packaging & Estimating/Coverage
Jointfill 302 is supplied in kits, each containing the proper proportion of liquid components. Standard packaging information is shown below:

Kit SizeBinderActivatorShipping Wt.
1-gal. kit1/2 gal.1/2 gal.11 lbs.
(3.8 liter)(1.9 liter)(1.9 liter)(5.0 Kg)
2-gal kit1 gal.1 gal.22 lbs.
(7.6 liter)(3.8 liter)(3.8 liter)(10.0 Kg)

One gal. (3.8 liter) of Jointfill 302 will fill the following typical joints:

Joint Depth
Joint Width3/4 in1 in.1-1/2 in.2 in.
(19 mm)(25 mm)(38 mm)(51 mm)
1/8 in.205 ft.154 ft.103 ft.77 ft.
(3.2 mm)(62 m)(47 m)(31 m)(23 m)
1/4 in.103 ft.77 ft.51 ft.39 ft.
(6.4 mm)(31 m)(23 m)(16 m)(12 m)


Directions for Use
a. Preparation: Joint surfaces must be physically sound, thoroughly clean, free of oil, wax, loose paint, rust, scale and other deleterious material. Grinding, wire brushing or sandblasting may be required to expose a sound and clean bonding surface.
b. Priming: Most concrete substrates do not require a primer.

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