MCU-100 Primer/Finish Moisture Cured Urethane Aluminum Coating

A one component, Moisture Cured Polyurethane Aluminum Industrial Pipe Coating. Has excellent adhesion to sound, tightly adherent rusty steel, and other marginally prepared surfaces. This low viscosity, high “wetting” coating undergoes a rapid molecular weight change as it polymerizes into a high molecular weight finish which provides excellent corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. Its resistance to creeping, undercutting, and blistering is superior to epoxy primers. MCU-100 is also a barrier primer or tie coat to prevent lifting of strong solvent top coats over conventional coatings, and most chemical coatings.

Clean Up
Clean up immediately with S-74 Thinner. Remove from skin while still wet. Scrub skin with soap and detergent.

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1. Primer for all types of surfaces.
2. Excellent “wetting out” properties over sound, rusty steel.
3. Fast recoating, 1-2 hours
4. Cures down to 18 F on dry surfaces.
5. Excellent corrosion resistance, passed 1,200 hours in salt cabinet.
6. One package. Easy to use.
7. Outstanding abrasion resistance.
8. May be topcoated with most generic type coatings.
9. Very good weather resistance.
10. High heat, up to 400 dry.
11. Excellent as a barrier coat over lead based coatings.
FinishLow sheen
Volume Solids54% 2%
Theoretical Coverage (per gallon at 1.0 mil DFT)866 ft
Recommended Dry Film Thickness2 – 3 dry mils at 288 – 433 sq. ft/gal.
Mixing RatioOne component, stir well
ThinningUp to 10% with SA-50
ApplicationRoll, brush or spray
Application Temperature18 F to 140 F dry at 50% Relative Humidity
Cure Time1 – 2 hrs. tack free; recoat 2 – 24 hours at 75 F and 50% R.H.
Clean UpS-74 Thinner
Dry Service Temperature400 F
Packaging1 gal. cans
V.O.C2.98 LBS/gallon
356 GMS/Liter
Shelf LifeMinimum of 6 months in unopened containers stored below 90 F.
Pot Life1 – 2 hours at 75 F with 50% R/H. Will vary due to humidity
Excellent as a universal primer for metal, steel, concrete, wood, fiberglass, plastic, clean or weathered galvanized metal. Also over old coatings and for polyurethane foam protection.

For use over sound, tightly adherent rust where only wire brush or hand tool cleaning is feasible. For remedial painting of fences, metal buildings, hand and guard rails, pumps, lines, grating, and other hard to clean surfaces.

Ideal as a barrier coat over lead based coatings and conventional coatings. The low solvency power of MCU-100 enables it to be applied over most type coatings without causing lifting. A test sample should be made to confirm adhesion. Most generic types of chemical or conventional coatings may be applied over MCU-100 with excellent adhesion.

Has excellent chemical resistance as a Finish Coat to protect metal, concrete and wood surfaces in chemical plants, refineries, pulp and paper mills, waste and water treatment plants, electric generating stations, fertilizer plants, food processing, pharmaceutical, ore processing operations, marine installations, etc.

Surface Preparation
1. Steel:
For best results, sand blast to a SSPC-SP6 “commercial” blast finish. Where blasting is not appropriate, remove all loose rust and mill scale by power wire brushing or hand tool cleaning. A tightly adherent rusty surface is acceptable.2. Galvanized Steel:
a. New – Brush blast per SSPC-SP7 or prime with VE-180 Vinyl Wash Primer per label instructions.

b. Old, Weathered, or Rusty – Remove all oil, grease, dirt, and other foreign matter. Surface should be reasonably clean, dry, and free of contaminants. Remove all loose rust, etc., as outlined above under steel.

3. Previously Painted Surfaces – Remove all loose, peeling, or blistered paint, and any other surface contaminants. Make sure surface is sound and dry.

Mixing Instructions, Application Procedure & Recoat Time
Mixing Instructions
MCU-100 is made ready for use by stirring so that the aluminum pigment is thoroughly dispersed in the resin and a uniform “silver” color is achieved. When used over a period of time, stir occasionally to maintain uniform mix. Thinning is not usually necessary. If needed, use up to 10% SA-50 Urethane Reducer which is a water free grade. Always keep partially used containers tightly sealed to prevent air moisture from reacting with the material and forming a tough skin. Skin can be removed and remaining material used.
Note: Always wear protective gloves and clothing while mixing and applying MCU-100. Do not get on skin. MCU-100 is difficult to remove.Application Procedure
MCU-100 may be applied by brush, roll, or spray. Roller cover should have a phenolic core and brushes should be natural bristles. For spray it is important that a moisture/oil trap be used on incoming air, and that fluid lines be flushed first with an anhydrous solvent (water free) such as S-74. Also, flush every 1-2 hours during use to keep lines clean from material build up. Required equipment is as follows:

1. Airless Spray – Use a minimum 20:1 ratio pump with 80-100 psi inbound air. Recommend a 0.013″ – 0.017:” tip. Adjust pressure for proper atomization based on selected tip.

2. Convention Spray – Use a dual regulated pot with 15-25 psi fluid pressure and 40-50 psi atomization pressure. A Binks 18 with a 704E tip/air cap is recommended.

When spraying, use a 50% overlapping Crosshatch pattern to minimize the occurrence of pinholes. Do not apply to surfaces below 18F or above 140 F. Do not apply over dew or frost. The surface should be dry and at least 5 F above the dew point.

Recoat Time
Based on temperature of 75 F and 50% R.H. (relative humidity), MCU-100 is tack free in 1-2 hours and may be overcoated in 2-4 hours. Always check for finger nail hardness. For maximum adhesion, recoat the same day, but no longer than 16-24 hours at 75 F and 50% R.H. High temperatures and humidity will shorten recoat time. When applying conventional paints (eg Alkyds, Silicone, Enamels and Acrylics) MCU-100 must be top coated in the same day.

1. Do not apply over frost, wet, or damp surfaces or extremely high humidity conditions.
2. Not recommended as tank lining for constant immersion.
3. Must be recoated within 24 hours.
4. Partially used containers must be reclosed tightly to prevent moisture in air from reacting with material and forming a tough skin. Skin can be removed and remaining material used. Be sure to stir.
MCU-100 if flammable. Keep away from all sources of ignition during mixing application and cure. Contains aromatic polyisocyanates. Proper ventilation is necessary when painting indoors or confined areas. Vapors and spray mist may cause eye/skin irritation as well as allergic reactions. Always wear protective clothing, goggles, impervious groves and use NIOSH approved respirators. For industrial use only. Keep out of reach of children. This product is sold without warranty as to performance expressed or implied. Users are urged to make their own tests to determine the suitability for their particular conditions.

For industrial use only.
For Professional use only.
Keep away from children.

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