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Provider of Coating and Lining Products for Industrial and Commercial Businesses
About Us
Experience – Chemical Resistant Coatings, Corrosion Prevention
Bowers Industrial has been providing industrial products and solutions to businesses in many industries for over 30 years. Bowers Industrial specializes in chemical resistant coatings, industrial concrete floor coating, roof coatings, corrosion prevention, tank linings and pipe linings, and other containment solutions. Bowers is able to handle projects both large and small for a variety of industries that need superior corrosion prevention or chemical resistant coating solutions.
Chemical Resistant Coatings
Bowers Industrial provides chemical resistant coatings to a variety of businesses in many different industries. Bowers has experience in coating pipes, containment areas, holding tanks, industrial concrete floor coating, sewer systems, chemical processing buildings, and much more. Bowers Industrial provides several products that can create the perfect solution for your industrial needs. Chemical resistant coatings can be applied quickly and are made to last. For durable and reliable chemical resistant coatings, Bowers Industrial provides the best service and quality available.
Corrosion Prevention Products
Bowers Industrial provides products and services for corrosion prevention. In many industries, problems with corrosion can pose a serious safety risk to products and employees. Bowers understands that corrosion prevention is a concern for many industries, which is why Bowers Industrial uses several coating manufacturers who provide high-quality products that can be used in a wide range of corrosion prevention applications. Corrosion prevention is most commonly used in containment, transportation, mining, and power generation industries.
Industrial Concrete Floor Coating
Industrial concrete floor coatings can be useful for a variety of reasons. Surfaces that are treated with industrial concrete floor coatings are easier to clean, resistant to stains, more durable, safer, and look great at the same time. Bowers provides industrial concrete floor coatings that are made to withstand heavy traffic and spills, such as in a warehouse shipping area or a cafeteria. Bowers industrial concrete floor coatings are USDA approved coatings to be used in areas where food is served or prepared as well. For safety, durability, and style, industrial concrete floor coatings are perfect for any business.
Safety, Quality, and Integrity
Bowers provides experience, trusted name brands, expert advice and high performance industrial products.
  • Power Generation – FGD, Circ. Water Systems, etc.
  • Mining – Processing Areas
  • Wastewater Treatment – Manhole & Pipe
  • Refineries – Containment, Tank & Pipe Linings
  • Water Treatment – NSF
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food Processing – Floors, Containment
  • Manufacturing
  • Others