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Chemical resistant coatings

Chemical resistant coatings

Many industries use dangerous chemicals that, if not handled correctly, can cause great damage to both workers and workplaces. How do you keep your facilities from corroding when these chemicals are required for your production process? By applying chemical resistant coatings to the surfaces of your work area. These coatings often come as paints or epoxies, applied with a brush or spray system. Bowers Industrial carries numerous products from top manufacturers, specially formulated to handle whatever challenges your company may face in an average work day. 

Dangerous chemical storage

Extra steps have to be taken when storing caustic chemicals like hydrochloric acid. When large tanks of chemicals have to be maintained, a thick layer of concrete goes beneath the tanks to prevent any spilled chemicals from seeping into the earth below. Polluting the soil and groundwater is always a concern. In addition, chemical resistant coatings have to be applied to the floors and the tanks themselves. Without them, acid spills will corrode any surface over time, whether it’s made of metal, concrete, or any other material. Ensuring the long-term viability of your production facilities ensures you receive maximum value from your investment.

Protecting metallic surfaces with Duromar

Duromar is one of the foremost manufacturers of acid prevention products.  With Duromar’s HPL line of products, your steel facilities and surfaces will be protected against corrosion damage from spilled acids and solvents. These acid-resistant epoxy paints are easily applied to surfaces with a brush; a plural component spray system is recommended for a more even application. 

Concrete, too

In addition to metal, Duromar also produces linings formulated to protect concrete surfaces and structures. Duromar HPL-4301 is a special lining intended for use on concrete surfaces, for protection against acids, bases, and solvents.

PC-555 Novolac is a heavy-duty lining that protects concrete from chemical damage, abrasion, and weather damage. PC-555 is designed for protection from 98% pure sulfuric acid, and 37% hydrochloric acid.

Manhole linings

Bowers has teamed up with Gulf Coast to give our customers access to effective manhole lining products. GC 590 is to fortify surfaces that carry wastewater. Use GC 590 to strengthen surfaces that are going to be used underwater. Both products are two-part epoxies, effective on both concrete and steel surfaces.

We can handle custom solutions

In the event that we don’t carry the product you need for your situation, rest assured that we regularly engineer custom solutions whenever our clients need them. Whether your company is big, small, or in between, you can count on Bowers Industrial to take care of your chemical resistance needs.

Bowers Industrial has what you need

Fortify high-use business assets and increase employee safety with our chemical resistant coatings. For decades, Bowers has partnered with major players in the food and beverage, power, mining, chemical, and wastewater industries. We have the United States military as a regular client.

Discover the numerous ways Bowers can help your business become safer, more productive, and more efficient. Call us at 1 (800) 892-5224 with questions, or visit our contact page.

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