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Industrial Concrete coatings

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Industrial Concrete coatings

Concrete has been used in building construction by civilizations as far back as ancient Egypt in 2500 BC. Four millennia later, concrete remains an indispensable material for commercial buildings and homes. Advances in chemistry have enabled the creation of new chemicals that fortify and strengthen the integrity of concrete structures. Bowers Industrial has created over two dozen proprietary industrial concrete coatings for our partners in the construction industry. These coatings make buildings stronger and people safer. Here are just a few of the products we offer to improve your concrete construction projects.

Industrial Floor Coatings

These products find wide applicability within any industry. They are meant to be applied easily with a roller, a brush, or a spray can. Both epoxy and polyurethane products are available to meet your needs. What can you do with industrial concrete coatings on floors? Chemical companies can fortify their facilities against corrosion from acids and solvents. In areas with water exposure, our Key Conductive floor coating will prevent mold and mildew growths from taking hold. Other benefits of these floor coatings include fire prevention and improved conductivity for electric components. Bowers Industrial is an exclusive partner with Duromar, a leader in industrial floor coatings.

Manhole Linings

Manholes are access points into areas that shouldn’t be easy to get to. Often, this is because those areas have a number of unavoidable hazards. The presence of bacteria, fungus, or chemical agents are all things meant to be contained. As manholes often go into areas that carry water, that means slippery floors and ladders that can result in painful falls if not taken into consideration. The PC-520 and PC-590 series of manhole linings from Gulf Coast are ideal for sewage and wastewater operations. PC-520 can be applied without solvents, while PC-590 can be applied to surfaces that are already wet or underwater.

Non-Slip Systems

Workplace injuries have both human and financial costs that must be avoided. Concrete’s durability and malleability make it ideal for industrial spaces. However, wet concrete is slippery and easy to get hurt on. We carry Duromar’s SUREGRIP solution, an entirely self-contained product that does not require any additional materials to apply. If you need a solution specially designed for concrete flooring, we also have RHINO TOP by Gaf. For businesses that need an extra strength solution, PC-650 by Gulf Coast is a heavy duty non-skid coating meant to add stability to the most slippery steel and concrete surfaces around.

Additional Products

We carry additional products that may not appear on our website, including industrial concrete coatings that may solve a unique problem faced by your business. Call (801) 977-0508 for additional products and availability. We are also ready and able to engineer custom solutions tailored specifically to your business needs. 

With 30 years in business partnering with players across industries, we understand that securing your company’s assets and ensuring the safety of your employees is key to making sure your day to day operations continue without injuries or damage to property. Bowers Industrial is in business to make your business run better, smoother, and more safely.

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