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Industrial Concrete Products

Industrial Concrete Products

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Industrial Concrete Products

Bowers Industrial carries industrial concrete products from trusted manufacturers like Duromar, Gulf Coast Paints, and Metalcrete. Civilizations as old as the Aztecs and Romans were using concrete to create buildings and walkways. Even now, after thousands of years, we still put our trust in concrete. Do you need concrete sealers? Something for concrete repair to fix broken surfaces? Or maybe you want concrete coatings to make sure your workplace will stay strong for years to come. There are many ways Bowers Industrial keeps your business operational through our wide selection of industrial concrete products.

We have the solution to your problem

When shopping for industrial concrete products, keep in mind which stage of the project your team is currently working on. While concrete dries and hardens, its initial state is soft, like clay, and it is porous. This porousness means that, once the initial raw concrete is poured and dried, you’ll need to add something to fill up the holes. Applying a concrete sealer like Duromar Hydrofloor GC will do this.

Without applying a sealer to the raw concrete, erosion from the elements will cause your new concrete to decay quickly. Water damage can be especially insidious. It creeps into the pores of the concrete and compromises the integrity from within.

Coatings for industrial concrete floors

Large industrial spaces like auto garages and warehouses generally use concrete flooring. For areas that get heavy use, the durability of concrete pairs nicely with how easy it is to pour and shape. Concrete floor coatings come in any combination of colors, textures, and protective formulations. Non-slip systems, like PC-650 by Poly-Chem, are for use in marine industries to protect workers from slipping and falling injuries due to wet concrete. Duromar HPL 4301 is for reinforcing concrete floors against damage by chemical spills.

Products for patching industrial concrete

You’re going to have to make repairs to anything made of concrete. Even the strongest concrete will wear down over time due to exposure. Use our concrete patching products to take care of concrete mortar repair and concrete crack repair. 

Geopolymer’s A600 concrete patching product is ideal for repairs around chemical workstations and drain systems. It offers resistance to formulations of 5% to 50% hydrofluoric acid. 

You can use Poly-Chem’s PC-1000 K10S2 Epoxy Mortar Repair Kit in the harshest environments. Repair and patch even old concrete surfaces instead of replacing them outright.

Use Vertipave by Metalcrete for repairs on vertical-standing or hanging overhead surfaces.

Find out what we can do for your workplace

After 80 years in business, Bowers Industrial has partners in almost every industry out there. We either carry or can create the perfect product for you, regardless of the type of business or solution you require. Our industrial concrete products are the best available for concrete repair. Save your company money and increase employee morale by minimizing the possibility and number of workplace injuries. 

Call us with any questions at 1 (800) 892-5224, or contact us via our website.

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