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Acetone resistant paint

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Acetone resistant paint

The highest quality acetone resistant paint products available on the market today are carried by Bowers Industrial. We strive to ensure only the best products make it into our customers’ hands. If your company operating in heavy industry requires solvents to perform its day to day operations, our partners probably have the product you’re looking for. We routinely engineer customized solutions specifically for our clients’ unique needs. That’s just one of the many reasons why large companies across industrial sectors have chosen to distribute their products through Bowers Industrial for decades. No matter which product your company needs to succeed, you’ll find it through Bowers Industrial.

Acetone resistant products by Duromar

One of the most trusted manufacturers of acetone resistant paint is our partner company, Duromar.  When you choose Duromar’s HPL line of products, spills from dangerous solvents like acetone will no longer be a threat to your business structures’ surfaces. 

Most of these acid-resistant epoxy paints are easy to apply to surfaces with a brush. You can apply some with a roller. We recommend a plural component spray system to apply the product smoothly and evenly. Each product is meant for a specific surface with a specific application method. See your individual product for details.

Duromar HPL 4301

Add versatile general protection against a number of chemical threats, including acetone, with Duromar HPL 4301. It is an entirely-solid novolac product for use on floors and secondary containment surfaces. The consistency is similar to concrete. You can apply it with a brush, roller, or spray system. It offers outstanding protection against corrosion damage by acids, bases, and solvents. 

View Duromar HPL 4301 product page

Duromar HPL 4310

This acetone resistant paint is a solid novolac product for use on outdoor structures and surfaces made of metal. HPL-4310 also provides enduring protection from acetone and other solvents, in addition to weathering. Even after a prolonged period of exposure to the elements, HPL-4310 will retain its color consistency and texture. This product is applicable by hand, or by using an airless spray system. 

View HPL 4310 product page

Taking care of potentially hazardous substances

When storing large volumes of solvents like acetone, you have to take extra steps preserve the integrity of the container. Usually, the builder will pour a thick layer of concrete underneath the tanks to prevent any spills from seeping into the ground. Nobody wants their company to be responsible for polluting the nearby soil or groundwater.

Custom solutions

We carry products to help our clients with any situation. Sometimes they have unique circumstances that pre-existing solutions have not accounted for. We have worked with partners across multiple industries since the 20th century. If you would like to know more about our acetone resistant paint, or any other product we distribute, call us toll free at (800) 892-5224, or send us a message from our contact page.

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