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Acid Resistant Paint for Metal – Industrial Epoxy Paints

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Big industrial companies have a balancing act to perform when it comes to acids. They need to have access to large volumes of acids at all times, while also ensuring that acid doesn’t cause injuries to workers or damage to equipment. Bowers Industrial creates chemical solutions for large industry; a common need for equipment and structural protection is acid resistant paint for metal. Chemical compositions with unique properties protect metallic structures from acid damage.

What is epoxy paint? Is it acid resistant?

Epoxies are resins that are curable through various processes that affect its malleability, resistance toward other substances, and other properties. Epoxies protect metal surfaces from corrosion caused by other substances, especially acids, and water. They often come as paint, so they are easy to apply with a brush, a roller, or a spray system. Other epoxies come in a kit as a soft resin that has to be mixed with a hardening compound just before applying. Others are self-contained formulae that are effective without being mixed.

We carry multiple solutions for acid protection to fit the needs of different sized companies. Here is a sampling of some of our best acid protection products.

PC-555 Novalac Coating

This is a simple, dependable lining that will work for those seeking acid resistant paint for metal. PC-555 Novalac is a finish coat that protects steel surfaces. Ideal for areas that are exposed to near-pure sulfuric acid, and up to 37% hydrochloric acid. It’s also suitable for use as a finisher on concrete or polymer.

Duromar HPL-4320

This high performance, 100% solid lining protects metal against corrosion by concentrated sulfuric acid and other inorganic acids. You can apply this product by hand with a brush if necessary, but we recommend using a plural component spray to apply HPL-4320 if possible.

Duromar HPL-4301

Duromar HPL-4301 is an acid-resistant lining. Use it on floors and secondary containment areas where chemical spills are nonetheless a regular concern. In addition to acids, it also protects against damage from bases and other solvents.  Applies equally well with a brush, a roller, or a plural component spray system.

Duromar HPL-4310

This is a 100% solid novolac material for outdoor structures. HPL-4310 provides excellent protection against strong acids and solvents. It also has long color retention against U/V radiation and exposure to the weather.

Custom solutions

We have been working with partners across multiple industries, helping them to solve problems for over 30 years. While we try to carry products to handle any situation, sometimes unique circumstances arise requiring unique answers. Bowers Industrial is happy to engineer a solution specific to your industry and situation. If you have any questions about acid resistant paint for metal, or any other product, call us toll free at (800) 892-5224, or send us a message from our website.

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