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When we think of a properly built roof, we think of something strong, resolute, and unmovable. Whether the local climate has brutal heat, deep-chilling cold, or torrential rains, the roof overcomes all these challenges. Businesses may hold millions of dollars of product in warehouses, or large tanks of industrial grade chemicals, and they can’t afford to risk their operations to roof damage. Bowers Industrial’s proprietary industrial roof coatings will strengthen your business’ structures and the assets within. Here are our current available roof coating products. Please note: these are intended to be used to fortify steel roof structures.

NP 814

NP 814 is a liquid rubber coating formulated for flexibility and bonding strength. It is a dependable polymer compound with weatherizing properties and UV radiation protection. This coating remains malleable even at low temperatures. NP 814 is a reliable waterproofing solution.

Download Material Safety Data Sheet for NP 814 (.doc format)

ROOFMATE Roof Preservation System

ROOFMATE is a water-based elastomer coating that is made of 100% high-quality acrylic resins.  Add this industrial roof coating to your building for protection from UV radiation, mildew, fire, and water damage. ROOFMATE’s unique chemical properties allow moisture and air inside the building to travel out, but easily stops large volumes of water on the outside from leaking in. ROOFMATE is available in white, light gray or medium gray. 

Download Material Safety Data Sheet for ROOFMATE Roof Preservation System (.doc)


ROOFMATE HT (“high tensile”) is a tougher version of our proprietary ROOFMATE water-based elastomer coating. It is is specially formulated to fortify the places that take a beating. ROOFMATE protects against mildew, fire, rain, and UV. ROOFMATE HT is made to also withstand high traffic volumes, chemical corrosion, and severe weather conditions. 

Download Material Safety Data sheet for ROOFMATE HT (.doc)

What is a copolymer?

A copolymer is a molecule chain that combines two or more base elements to create a new compound. Copolymers are widely used in a number of industrial processes. Examples include nylon, and the fire-resistant nitrile rubber.

What is an elastomer?

The word “elastomer” is a combination of the words “elastic” and “polymer”. It is a viscous combination of silicon, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. Elastomers are ideal bases for sealants and adhesives because of the combination of solid and fluid traits.

Strengthen your properties

Taking the initiative to install and seal your roof properly can save you a lot of headache later. Water damage is particularly insidious because barely-detectable drips can quickly cause enough damage to compromise the interior of your building. Industrial roof coatings from Bowers Industrial will ensure your roof keeps the outside world where it belongs: outside. 

Bowers Industrial has worked with businesses in industries in all sectors of the economy for over 30 years. We can engineer our products to fit your application if necessary, so if your business needs a steel roof coating with unique properties, call us at (801) 977-0508.

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