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Industrial non slip coatings

The most important aspect of the work day isn’t how many tasks are completed, or how much profit is made. Rather, it is maximizing the safety of employees which saves the most time and money. According to the United States Department of Labor, workplace fatalities have fallen from 38 per day in 1970, to 15 in 2019. We’ve come a long way since the days of construction workers hundreds of feet above the ground without netting, but conditions can always be made safer. At Bowers Industrial, we do our part to help reduce those numbers by providing industrial non slip coatings used by industry partners to keep their employees safe. 

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This is one of our self-contained, roller-applied industrial non slip coatings. No mixing with sand or other bonding agents is required for Duromar SUREGRIP to secure the ground under your feet. SUREGRIP is ideal for walking surfaces that are exposed to water, and effective for securing warehouse floors where workers drive forklifts.

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Gaf Rhino Top Textured

Rhino Top is a high quality, acrylic non-slip solution that incorporates silica sand and epoxy. Intended for use on asphalt and concrete, Gaf Rhino Top comes in aesthetically pleasing colors with a satin sheen.

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Poly-Chem PC-650 Heavy-duty Non-skid Coating

PC-650 is a high strength industrial grade coating that prevents slips and skidding in industrial and marine settings. You can apply PC-650 satisfactorily to both steel and concrete surfaces.

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Falling Into Facts

  • Falls account for 11% of workplace fatalities for men, and 5% for women
  • Injuries sustained from slips and falls are the number one cause of employees having to take time off work. Falls are also the primary cause cited in workers’ compensation claim filings.
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that 22% of slip and fall incidents require the injured party to take more than a month off work to recover
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that unsafe walking surfaces in work environments result in an average of 2 million slip and fall injuries per year

Sources: National Floor Safety Institute, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Product Safety Commission

A safe workplace is an efficient workplace

The investment a company makes into safety precautions like industrial non slip coatings for walking and driving areas is worth every penny. These coatings quickly pay for themselves by keeping your employees safe, healthy, and on the job. This is a goal we believe any company’s management and workforce can agree on.

Bowers Industrial is proud to help our partners across industries make their workplaces safer, more productive, and more profitable. To learn more about our industrial non slip solutions, and see the rest of our product catalog, visit our website at, or call us at 1 (800) 892-5224.

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