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Industrial Concrete Sealers

Adding a building is a large investment to make for your business. It takes time and expense to build a new structure. You want to know that your investment was worthwhile. Once your new concrete floor is poured and dry, protect it with one of Bowers’ industrial concrete sealers. When you add a layer of concrete sealer, you’re adding a shield that protects your raw concrete floor from daily wear, dropped objects, and corrosive chemicals. Bowers carries eight different brands of concrete sealer, including Duromar, Gulf Coast Paint, and Thermodyne, among others. No matter what your business does, against any potential problem, Bowers has the right product for you.

About concrete sealers

Sealers are a liquid coating applied to raw concrete, generally with a brush or roller. Once this additional layer dries, it will act as a shield for the surface. A sealer will absorb the impacts of the inevitable wear and tear of a busy workplace. It will protect against dents and abrasions caused by dropping or moving heavy objects. It will also protect your floor against corrosions from contact with the chemical substances used in many industries.

Generally, industrial concrete sealers are just the first protective layer that you will apply to a raw concrete floor. Above the concrete sealer layer, you can apply additional products to further insulate your concrete surface from the threats particular to your industry. This final layer is known as the topcoat. The topcoat can be composed of acrylics or polyurethane foam, among other substances.

Protecting your investment

At first glance, dry concrete appears to be hard and solid, like stone. However, appearances can be deceiving. Concrete is actually quite porous. The tiny holes present in any raw concrete floor leave it vulnerable to damage from agents that seep into the crevasses. Water, oil, and acids will seep into raw concrete over time, compromising its integrity and causing discoloration. Use any of our concrete sealers to fill in the pores and fortify your concrete floor.

What concerns do you have?

In a high traffic area like a warehouse, a raw concrete floor can be worn down quickly. The foot and vehicle traffic volume of an average day, extrapolated over time, is all it takes to become noticeable. 

In addition to its protective functions, sealers also come in a variety of colors and finishes. All of our sealers are odor-free and self-leveling. When you see the shining finish of your sealed concrete floor, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

Bowers Industrial has the product you need

We have 35 years of working with partners across economic sectors. You can be sure that Bowers Industrial Coatings & Linings has the perfect product for your company and set of challenges. If we don’t have what you need, we can also engineer a custom solution for you, as we have done many times throughout the years. 

To learn more about which industrial concrete sealers are right for your business, give us a call today at 1 (800) 892-5224.

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