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Heat resistant coating for metal

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As electricity demand continues to rise, so does demand for heat resistant coating for metal to protect the machines that power our world. In the 19th century, the rapid mechanization of industry led sources of power to a meteoric rise in importance. The first widely used power source, steam, simply could not generate the power needed to meet demand. Coal proved more robust, but the tradeoff was polluted air and cities covered in ash and soot. The scientific titans of the age, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, changed electric power from hypothesis into reality. By 1929, 85% of Americans had access to electricity. The world’s population has almost quadrupled since then. Electricity is no longer a luxury, but a requirement. 

Bowers Industrial partners with players in the power industry. Heat resistance is one of the top requests we receive for power generating customers. We ensure the longevity of power generating devices like wind turbines and solar panels. Our heat resistant coating for metal protects materials from temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. No deformation or fissures in the metal means those machines can keep working longer. That means lower electricity prices for customers, and higher profits for producers. Whether hydro, solar, wind, or coal, we offer a variety of coatings to meet the diverse challenges of the power industry. 

Why would you need an extra layer of coating on your power generating equipment? Because entropy is a universal constant. For metal to stay in good working condition, it must be protected from a number of different environmental forces. Heat, moisture, winds, dirt particles, ultraviolet radiation from the Sun, chemicals, and the march of time are all working to gradually ruin the engineering marvels of humanity. Bowers Industrial creates numerous coating products you can count on to safeguard the structural integrity of your operations.

Our Thurmalox line of heat resistant coating for metal is easy to apply to any machine that you depend on to keep your business running. Our coatings can be applied like paint, with a brush, roller, or spraying device. Just clean the surface of your machine of oil, grease, and other particulates, then apply Thurmalox coating and let dry. Some materials may require more intricate preparation routines, so be sure to read the directions provided for your specific product to ensure maximum effectiveness for your coating of choice. 

Optimize your investments of time and money by adding an extra layer of protection to the tools your business needs to flourish. As we travel farther into the 21st century, the importance of cost-effective and easily accessible power will only grow in importance. Bowers Industrial has been at the side of industry for over 30 years. We are happy to help keep your equipment safe and effective, so you can spend less time repairing and replacing equipment, and more time doing the hard work that really matters. From installation to maintenance and emergency services, you can always count on Bowers Industrial to deliver quality products and services.

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