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Industrial abrasion resistant coatings

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Bowers Industrial curates its own line of the best industrial abrasion resistant coatings for use in the construction and manufacturing industries. The job of building doesn’t stop when you tighten the last screw. While we value concrete and metal structures for their durability, the forces of nature can still wear them down. Snow, wind, rain, and friction all do their part to break down these materials over the course of weeks and months. Our abrasion resistant products protect the integrity of your materials and strengthen surfaces. Read on to learn more about our products that protect against chemical corrosion and physical abrasion wear.

Duromar HPL-2136 CNT High Performance Lining


HPL-2136 is a carbon nanotube-infused epoxy that strengthens surfaces with damage and corrosion, which protects them from further decay. Depending upon the needs of the project, heat it up to apply as a sprayed liquid, or apply manually with a trowel at lower temperatures. Be sure surfaces are clean and dry before applying epoxy. Very cold conditions will make this product difficult to work with, so do not store it in areas with temperatures below 50°F. Apply at a minimum temperature of 65°F. 

SAR Ceramic Putty

This is a putty with high aluminum oxide content. It is for filling cracks in structures like metal storage tanks. SAR is rated for high resistance against chemical corrosion and abrasion, and you can apply it in layers several inches thick if necessary to restore the integrity of damaged surfaces. When using SAR Ceramic Putty, like other similar products, clean surfaces in need of repair with appropriate solvents before application. This will ensure bonding between the surface and the putty. Moisture can compromise the putty’s integrity, so application in extremely humid environments is not recommended.

DURO-WEAR Heavy Duty Wear Resistant Lining

One of the strongest industrial abrasion resistant coatings we make. DURO-WEAR is an epoxy lining for surfaces that have to withstand the most severe abrasive conditions. The lining comes as a thick paste. Mix with sand and ceramic beads, then apply to the desired surface. It is especially effective to protect and repair industrial size metal tanks that store caustic chemicals. We test DURO-WEAR for high levels of resistance to abrasion, acids, and salt, the primary culprits of damage to metal and concrete. This lining can withstand temperatures of up to 500°F. When ordinary epoxies just won’t cut it, choose DURO-WEAR. 

Bowers Industrial creates products that make your business’ assets stronger. Our line of industrial abrasion resistant coatings gives you reliability in the places you need it most. For over three decades, Bowers Industrial has offered our expertise to the toughest industries. These include power, mining, chemical production, and many others. We want to help make your employees safer, make on-site repairs less frequent, and increase your peace of mind as a stakeholder in business. Learn more about all the ways Bowers Industrial can help strengthen and secure the assets of your business.

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