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High Temperature Coatings

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High temperature coatings

Bowers Industrial partners with manufacturers of high temperature coatings for industrial use. We carry products by trusted names like Duromar and Thurmalox. Which industries might need these products? Consider, for example, the steel industry. The stakeholders of industry want to know the investments in their business are going to last and justify their expenses. In a foundry, pouring molten steel at a temperature of thousands of degrees is just part of an average day. Heat damage can also come from long term exposure to the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight and general hot weather outdoors.

Effects of high temperature exposure

Bowers carries temperature resistance solutions that are needed by businesses across industrial sectors. What is the purpose of high temperature coatings in an industrial setting? Ultimately it’s about the preservation of assets. Stainless steel maintains its integrity at temperatures well above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. However, warping from thermal expansion can occur below this threshold. 

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures is guaranteed to cause damage to metallic structures and machinery. As the temperature of metal increases, so does the level of atomic vibrations within the metal. This causes the metal itself to expand outward. When the metal cools, however, it will not return to its exact original shape. The result is permanent distortion of the component. This can result in mechanical failure, or compromised structural integrity. Whether that means replacing equipment, or employee injuries, it’s bad for business.

Thurmalox 225HD High Build, Air Dry, High Temperature VOC Compliant Coating

This air-drying, heat resistant coating system is applied by mixing two base components together. Apply to carbon-based or stainless steel components for additional heat corrosion resistance. Steel surfaces with deep profiles will see greater benefit from the application of Thurmalox 225. It offers especially effective protection against pinpoint rusting, and you can apply this product a second time on top of itself, instead of using a separate top coat. Thurmalox 225 is VOC compliant.

Duromar HPL 4310 U/V

Bowers Industrial has an exclusive partnership with Duromar to bring you their industry-standard high temperature coatings. Duromar HPL 4310 U/V protects outdoor industrial steel tanks against corrosion from the elements. Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, prolonged high temperatures, solvents, and acids all see their effects mitigated by HPL 4310. You can apply this coating by hand with a brush, or with a spraying system.

What can we do for your business?

Heat damage is insidious because it can permanently alter the dimensions of metal components through expansion and contraction. Our collection of high temperature coatings we carry from trusted manufacturers will keep your stainless steel tanks and structures strong for a long time.

Bowers Industrial has worked with partners across multiple industry sectors for decades. Find out what Bowers Industrial can do for your industry. If you’re ready to make your business safer and more productive, contact us on our website, or call us at 1 (800) 892-5224 today.

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