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Industrial Pipe Coatings

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Industrial Pipe Coatings

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Industrial Pipe Coatings

Companies that handle waste water need industrial pipe coatings in order to do their work. Especially when the water has a high concentration of acids, industrial pipe coatings have to be applied to the insides of pipes. This is to prevent the acidic waters from eating away at the metal pipes. If allowed to continue unchecked, acidic water can very quickly turn your plumbing holey and rusted. Bowers Industrial carries pipe coatings by the most trusted names in the business.

Why are Industrial Pipe Coatings important?

In an operation that handles wastewater and chemicals, the pipes that carry these liquids away can quickly become compromised. The activity of an average day, in which these pipes carry acids and other corrosive chemicals, is all it takes to break them down. Adding industrial pipe coatings to the interior and exterior surfaces of the pipes can potentially add years to the viability of your plumbing. 

Besides their protective functions, the mood and aesthetics of a workplace also matter; that’s why pipe coatings also come in a variety of colors and formulae. In some industries, colors have specific meanings for equipment which indicate their intended purpose. Which of our pipe coating products is right for your business?


Duromar HPL-1110 is one of the industrial pipe coatings we carry. This multifunctional epoxy product is for use on steel tanks and pipes that require a higher-than-average level of corrosion resistance. Bowers Industrial is an exclusive partner with Duromar. 

Learn more about Duromar HPL-1110


Another excellent Duromar product, HPL-2510 is an excellent general purpose, 100% solid solution. Its primary intended uses are for circulation piping and sewage treatment system components. This product is easy to apply with a brush, roller, or spray system.

Learn more about Duromar HPL-2510

Chemthane CT-370 High Build Gloss Polyurethane Enamel Coating

Chemthane CT-370 is a two-component acrylic compound. It is renowned for its long-lasting color and gloss retention. It creates a surface which is solid in appearance, but still very flexible. Ideal for use in the various maritime industries.

Learn more about Chemthane CT-370

EPODUR 776 High Temperature Pipeline Coating

Epodur 776 is a coating for use on buried pipelines that will experience extreme temperatures. Its primary purpose is to guard against corrosion damage in extreme conditions for long periods of time. This coating is best used on steel pipes that will be buried underground, submerged in water, or subjected to periodic splashing. 

Learn more about EPODUR 776 High Temperature Pipeline Coating

MCU-100 Primer/Finish Moisture Cured Urethane Aluminum Coating

This is an easy-to-use, single-component, polyurethane coating. It protects your plumbing against corrosion and abrasion damage. As a coating, MCU-100 provides superior protection against creeping, undercutting, and blistering, compared to epoxy primers. 

Learn more about MCU-100

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After decades of working with partners across economic sectors, you can rest assured that  Bowers Industrial has whatever you need to meet the challenges your business faces. Custom-engineered solutions are also available upon request.

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